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Advertisement, 31 Jan 2015 05:36 am     Reply

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Terastrasza, 29 Jan 2015 10:44 pm     Reply

Will there be any time soon where she wont be pregnant anymore, usually I have nothing against it, but in this it just makes the main character look like an idiot, especially since she used to be a man.

Also, as someone who use to be an incredibly fit guy, why is she now a pudgy dragon?

Deiser, 30 Jan 2015 05:48 pm     Reply

@Terastrasza: I'm assuming you haven't read the previous pages, as they answer these questions.

Long story short, it was a curse to humiliate him. If you want more details, look up the previous pages.

Terastrasza, 30 Jan 2015 05:50 pm     Reply

Ive read the whole comic, I honestly really like this comic, the pregnancy curse just felt out of the blue and pointless. Just feels that way.

Delovus, 30 Jan 2015 11:27 pm     Reply

@Terastrasza: I wouldn't count on it, considering how slow they are to update.

Also note: the Patreon used to make at least $188 a month until January, when a lot of people withdrew their donations.


Yet in that time there's only been the normal once-a-month updates.

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